JT Progress Milestone: JT and Ericsson Open Test Centre for Next-Generation Mobile Network

Community News: JT Group is delighted to announce pivotal milestone in Channel Islands’ next-generation mobile network development

One year into a major infrastructure project, JT Group is delighted to announce that the programme to build the Channel Islands’ next-generation mobile networks is not only on schedule but has achieved a pivotal milestone by entering the testing phase.

5G technology promises unprecedented speeds, ultra-low latency, and massive connectivity, revolutionising industries and transforming communication. While its benefits are already enjoyed across Asia, the US, and most major UK towns and cities, rigorous testing across various stages of deployment and operation is essential to realise its full potential in the Channel Islands. This involves lab-testing environments and real everyday scenarios.

A dedicated state-of-the-art test lab, a separate controlled space replicating the network production environment, has now been established in Jersey. This facility will enable engineers to test changes before implementation, ensuring network performance and reliability.

Daragh McDermott, CEO of JT Group, said: “Reaching this exciting and critical phase on time is a testament to the exceptional skills of our team. The meticulous testing required to ensure network performance and reliability is of utmost importance. This new test environment represents a significant step towards achieving the technological transformation needed to meet future demands for Channel Islanders.”

The project includes mobile network modernisation and upgrades to JT's Radio Access Network (RAN), Transport/Transmission and Core Network infrastructure and associated Network Management and operations tools. Beginning last year, the project features Ericsson's advanced telecommunications solutions, software and services, especially the latest energy-efficient features, supporting a sustainable network evolution. In tandem with this project, JT continues its progress to simplify, digitise, and automate its processes, systems, and customer offerings, aligning with today's consumer, business, home, and industry needs.

Katherine Ainley, CEO of Ericsson, UK and Ireland, said: “Our collaboration with JT is driven by a shared vision for next-generation connectivity. New technologies and architectures bring both benefits and challenges. The start of testing marks an exciting step towards completing a next-generation network, promising enhanced connectivity and innovation for the Channel Islands.”

Deputy Lyndon Farnham, Chief Minister of Jersey, said: “This substantial investment by JT will ensure islanders have access to the opportunities that new technology brings. Focusing on the future, this development of a next-generation mobile network is about more than improved connectivity; it is about building a resilient, innovative, and prosperous future for generations to come. This lab will evaluate equipment performance and validate new technologies, ensuring that the islands remain at the forefront of communications technology, offering access to cutting-edge services and products.”

Media release provided by JT

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