JT recognised as a diverse and welcoming workplace

The work that JT has done to improve inclusivity has been recognised by a leading organisation that promotes diverse teams and inclusive cultures in businesses all over the UK and across all sectors. JT has won a TIDE Bronze award for reaching the exacting standards set by the Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion.

TIDE (Talent, Inclusion and Diversity Evaluation) benchmarks and measures JT’s approach and progress against a robust framework. In the last twelve months, JT’s TIDE score has jumped to 61% after making significant improvements to training and development and putting diversity and inclusion at the centre of its workplace culture.

Nicola Reeves, Group Head of HR, said: We got involved in the TIDE awards because we wanted to benchmark ourselves and set recognised targets so that we could truly make our workplace as inclusive as possible. Our people are critical to our success and deserve to work in a culture where everyone feels valued, empowered and inspired. Having respect for each other is a central part of what we do as an organisation, and our people feel encouraged to innovate and improve because they are listened to when they speak up.

Being part of the TIDE process is about making continual improvements and JT will take part again next year to check on progress.

Sarah Gosiewska, JT Group Head of Talent, added: ‘’We have put a great deal of energy into improving our training across the business, and I am delighted that it was recognised as being one of the areas that had improved in 2022, which is thanks to the amazing people we have here - there is always more to do, but we are united in our long-term goals.