Digital Greenhouse and Duforest AI launch ChatGPT course for Guernsey Startups

The Digital Greenhouse is pleased to be working with Duforest AI to be offering a one-of-a-kind ChatGPT course designed specifically for entrepreneurs and anyone dreaming of founding a startup.

During the course, participants will build a startup from scratch to launch - using ChatGPT and other AI tools to support every aspect. The day course will teach participants about prompt design and how to get the most out of AI tools, to cover the range of areas to start a new venture.  No previous business experience or pre-researched market is required to join the course.

“Innovation is fuelled by knowledge and access to the right tools. By partnering with Digital Greenhouse, we aim to deliver a unique course where AI and entrepreneurship intersect, empowering Guernsey's next generation of businesses."

Simon Kirkpatrick, Entrepreneur and founder of Duforest AI

Through a partnership with the Digital Greenhouse, Duforest AI is offering the one-day course in Guernsey for the discounted price of £399 per participant. Participants will also be given access to the extensive prompt library comprising of 100’s of prompts after the course.

Director of the Digital Greenhouse Lucy Ann Kirby said, “This is such an exciting course for Guernsey and an amazing opportunity to work with leaders, Duforest AI.  Our ambition is to fuel entrepreneurship and innovation in the Island and this programme gives people the tools and skills to be at the forefront of venture building.”

The course has two scheduled dates, with the option of attending a full day on either Saturday 23rd of September or Saturday 21st of October.

Completion of the course will also enable you to enter the ChatGPT “The Shark Tank” event taking place on the 4th of November, where participants will continue to use AI tools to build decks and then pitch to the panel of expert judges. 

Dreaming of starting a new business? Find out more about the ChatGPT for Startups course


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