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Coworking spaces have in recent years become a popular alternative to traditional workplaces of entrepreneurs, freelancers and small businesses alike. 

With a varying range of facilities and opportunities, a shared workspace gives access to a ready-made entrepreneurial ecosystem, enabling connection, support and collaboration all within a working environment. Here at the Digital Greenhouse, we have seen this collaborative space thrive over the past few years, particularly with a growing trend towards remote working and a boom in people choosing to start their own ventures.

In a time of growing awareness and understanding about the impact our working lives have on the environment, using a co-work space has huge potential to support environmental sustainability.  Core to their function is the sharing-oriented approach, enabling the sharing of space, infrastructure, utilities, and supplies.  In turn, this reduces both the overall costs for the individual and also maximises the use of resources.

While sharing facilities does not work for all people and business types, The Digital Greenhouse has welcomed individuals from across a number of areas in the digital and creative sectors including, healthtech, software development, marketing, consulting and more. Working in a professional environment can help increase productivity and motivate our members by providing them with an atmosphere that allows them to focus on their work. Ideally, coworking spaces offer the perfect balance of privacy and focused areas when needed, alongside collaboration, providing members with a space where they can remain productive without feeling isolated. 

One of the biggest benefits of utilising coworking spaces is being part of a community full of creative minds from different backgrounds working together towards common goals. By connecting and collaborating with others in a supportive environment, members can gain valuable insights while also having access to resources to aid professional growth that would otherwise be unavailable if working alone in isolation from home. 

The Digital Greenhouse offers a wide range of opportunities for individuals to find their tribe, connect with like-minded individuals, accelerate their new businesses, develop their digital skills and join an innovation ecosystem.  With a broad offer of fully funded and subsidised programmes, now is a perfect time to join the community.

This article was originally printed in Business Brief: July 2023 Issue

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