Guernsey Young Enterprise needs Innovative and Inspiring Business Advisors

Do you have experience in business? Can you offer your skills and experience to help guide young people?

The Young Enterprise Company Programme provides a real-life learning opportunity for young entrepreneurs on the island. Taking place over one academic year, participants work in teams to set up and run their own student company under the guidance of a Business Advisor.


Use your business experience to help students set up and run a successful business over an academic year!


Young Enterprise Guernsey are looking for business advisors to help guide the student teams through the process of setting up and running their own company, using professional experience and knowledge, with help and support from the Guernsey Area Board. This involves mentoring, facilitation, instilling business acumen and encouraging them to overcome and learn from various challenges and setbacks.

The student teams ‘learn by doing’ – and benefit from the continuity of experience and guidance in working as a team, solving business problems, communicating, planning, etc. It is their business, a business advisor's role is to guide, advise, mentor and encourage them to reflect upon their learning and transfer newly-developed skills into new situations.

Becoming a business advisor can be an enjoyable and rewarding process, helping guide the next generation of business leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators. 


  • Ability to attend Bi-Weekly Meetings

  • Availability to answer questions that arise.

All advisors are provided training and resources to help get started.


Please contact Young Enterprise Guernsey to find out more!

Content supplied by Young Enterprise Guernsey

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