Starting Up Saturdays

New for 2020, these one-day bootcamps are designed to kick-start your new business.
Ready, Set, Go!

Perfect for people who want to turn passions or interests into feasible business ideas, Starting-Up Saturdays are free one-day bootcamp sessions to help you go from Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur. A Starting-Up Saturday bootcamp will create a space where you can think deeply about your business without interruption. Through a combination of presentations, activities and exercises, it will teach you some of the skills you need to get your business started. Providing you with access to expert mentors and the opportunity to connect with fellow participants, building a network to help you on your start-up journey.

Starting-Up Saturdays are a part of the Guernsey Business Accelerator Programme run by the Digital Greenhouse and Barclays Eagle Labs Guernsey.

Why apply for a Starting-Up Saturday bootcamp?

  • Join other early stage entrepreneurs in shaping & honing your business idea.
  • Define your vision and mission for success!
  • Get advice on how to identify your customers & develop a quality value proposition.
  • Receive support from expert mentors on identifying your target market.

By attending a Starting-Up Saturday bootcamp you will then be invited to attend a series of Expert Twilight Sessions. These additional workshops, later in the year, are designed to further support your new business and guide you through the early stages of development.

Our next Starting-Up Saturday is on 14th March 2020

Registration for 14th March is now open!

Please fill in the form below to apply for a chance to participate. 

This bootcamp will run from 08:45 - 17:00 with an hour lunch and you must be able to attend the full day of the programme to qualify for a place. Spaces are limited so we will let you know if your application has been successful or not.

If you cannot make this bootcamp but are looking for assistance with starting a business, please contact us by emailing:

Apply for a place on Starting-Up Saturday – 14th March 2020

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Please provide a description about what stage your business is currently at (initial idea, fledgling business or existing business wanting to undergo change).

Please provide names of other business partners who will be wanting to take part with you (due to limited space, no more than 2 people).

Please provide your reason for applying to participate in a Starting-up Saturday bootcamp, letting us know what you are hoping to achieve or learn more about (no more than 500 words).

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