Hot Desk

£50 per month

Get full access to our coworking area, breakout spaces and kitchen facilities, with the freedom to drop in whenever works for you. Ideal for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Hot Desk

£50 per month

Keycard with 24/7 entry to your space.

Join our network of innovators

Discounted rates for meeting and conference rooms.

Free use of office supplies and equipment.

Secure Wi-Fi sponsored by Sure.

Complimentary teas and coffees


Go beyond workspace - members enjoy a range of perks and for work, life and everything in between.

Coworking Space

Get full 24/7 access to our light, airy hotdesking zone and breakout spaces. With a relaxed seating area, along with a choice of sitting and standing desks, you will find an inspiring place to work.

Events and Programmes

With over 70 events and programmes running each year, join us to learn from and network with industry and entrepreneurial experts. Develop your knowledge and share with others to build our vibrant community.

Our Community and Team DGH

Working for yourself or starting-up does not mean going it alone! Connect and socialise with other passionate professionals who share similar interests through our calendar of Members socials and events. From mini-golf to trips to Herm, there is always something to be involved in. Our friendly and dedicated DGH team are on hand day to day, helping to assist and direct your inquiries no matter how big or small.

And the essentials...

No working space would be complete without some of the most important basics. Members will find fresh, Bean14, locally roasted coffee and tea in the kitchen alongside chilled water. We also take care of the office essentials including super Sure WiFi, printing and scanning facilities.

Who are hot desks for?

Our hot desk membership is perfect for those who want to access the vibrant space but do not need a dedicated desk. Whether you are a freelancer, remote worker or part of a small business the flexible space is an ideal solution.


Madvi Harchard

Hot Desk Member Founder of Soava

I’m an entrepreneur and I’ve been a member for about two months now and I love it! 

I was skeptical at first (working from home has its advantages), but was I pleasantly surprised !

From the modern design to the individuals at its desks, it’s an inspiring and nourishing environment, the ideal place to grow.

The staff is super helpful and extremely welcoming.

Being a part of the Digital Greenhouse community has so many advantages (weekly newsletters about interesting events happening on the island, bootcamps, networking events…). 

Finally, I just love having my ‘business home’ in such a great location.

Rollo de Sausmarez

Hot Desk Member Founder and

I have found the Digital Greenhouse invaluable in supporting the launch of my new businesses. Starting with the obvious- it has provided everything you might expect from an office space, (like where you work now but better): It has a great location, great workspaces, great collaboration spaces, good wifi, convenient printing and an excellent coffee machine. This makes it a great place to work, for a small amount of cost - but that is only part of the story.


The intangibles are even more important! It is a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, a font of useful resources and support. I haven't done the bootcamps or taken up the offer of a mentor, but I know they are available if I need. It's a place where problems are solved and opportunities pounced upon. I'd recommend it to anyone. Simply put, more people need to use it. Come along. Get involved. Tell your friends.

Dale Acton

Hot Desk Member Founder of SeaScape Limited

When I attended the "Starting Up Saturday" bootcamp, I had a rough idea of what I thought my business could be (and what I hoped it might be) but literally nothing more than that.  It's actually pretty much 12 months to the day since the bootcamp and I now have a Guernsey registered company, a website, a brand, a social media presence (which I need to work on!), some hugely appreciated and valued initial clients, some great prospective clients/enquiries and a load more ideas!  SeaScape is still very much in it's infancy but it's on its way!

Hot Desk Member -

Louise Croft

Hot Desk Member Aerlo

“I create online courses on creative, fashion and lifestyle subjects. I was initially attracted to becoming a member at the Digital Greenhouse because it is the only coworking space in Guernsey. The Digital Greenhouse is a great place to focus and get work done, I am much more productive here than being at home. The space also hosts a very welcoming community of impressive entrepreneurs of a higher calibre of business success or experience than I have met in other countries or coworking spaces.

Out of the many facilities at The Digital Greenhouse I use the kitchen and the phone booths the most, the working environment at The Digital Greenhouse is Friendly but focused. Having a hot desk at The Digital Greenhouse is preferable to other working alternatives because you are so much more productive in a coworking space, the internet is better and it's more ergonomic."

Leo Sanders

Hot Desk Member Leo Consults
"I'm an independent growth and innovation consultant that helps brands create strategies to better serve existing customers and unlock new areas of business. I was initially attracted to becoming a member at the Digital Greenhouse so I would have somewhere to work away from home and being part of a network of creative and innovative people.
Currently, the majority of my work is conducted off-island so it's been more of a personal benefit to be stationed at the Digital Greenhouse. Although it's expanded my network and I hope to use this as a way to find more opportunities on island for collaborations.
I like to attend speaker events like Innovation Lab - I find the range of programmes and speakers to be really interesting and far-reaching. The Digital  Greenhouse is an innovative and evolving space that houses a multi-disciplinary network of minds. You can get your head down to do some work but when you pop up for a breather you can always count on an interesting and enlightening chat about something totally unfamiliar and that's great. My work relies on different perspectives and it's a great way to be around other people doing very different things but all with a similar mindset. The Digital Greenhouse team create a great atmosphere and really drive a sense of creativity and innovation through their initiatives but also their everyday interactions."

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