User Handbook

This User Handbook has been produced to ensure all users are aware of the facilities, booking procedures and policies for use of the Digital Greenhouse Guernsey.

The User Handbook and its contents are referred to in the Terms of Use which all Users are required to agree to when becoming a Registered User or Member of the Digital Greenhouse.

Updates to the User Handbook may occur from time to time and any significant changes will be notified to all users of the Digital Greenhouse.

This document is reviewed regularly and updated as required.


Adopted on: 14th January 2016

Last reviewed: 5th March 2018

User and Membership Benefits


The Digital Greenhouse aims to provide a hub for innovation and advancement in the digital, creative, entrepreneurship and technology sectors. The premises provide a space in which entrepreneurs may network and collaborate to the benefit of their own projects and the wider community.

Applying for Membership & Admission Policy

Applying for Membership

To become a user or member of the Digital Greenhouse requires the completion and acceptance of the relevant application form. The decision to accept an application for membership shall be at the sole discretion of the Digital Greenhouse.

The issuance of a membership is subject to availability and to the following criteria:


 Hot Desk Member

  • Available to individuals working in the digital and creative sectors

  • Submission of two forms of identification, one containing the same address as used for billing to gain out-of-hours access
  • Payment of membership fee

  • Agreement to Terms and Conditions of use


Allocated Desk Member

  • Available to entrepreneurs and businesses working in digital and creative sectors, who wish to make the Digital Greenhouse premises their main business location. (The Digital Greenhouse may not be used as a registered office)

  • Submission of two forms of identification, one containing the same address as used for billing to gain out-of-hours access

  • Agreement to Terms and Conditions of use

  • Payment of membership fee


Corporate Member

  • Available to larger businesses in any sector who wish to nominate employees to occasionally work from the Digital Greenhouse

  • Maximum number of employees who may be nominated to work from the Digital Greenhouse varies by level of Corporate membership and is outlined in the User Types and Benefits table

  • Agreement to Terms and Conditions of use

  • Payment of membership fee


Membership shall commence on the date on which application is accepted by the Digital Greenhouse. The issuance of membership shall constitute a legally binding agreement between the member and the Digital Greenhouse.

All users and members agree that from time to time their desk, or the space they normally occupy, may be used for alternative purposes, such as events, and they will be required to move. All due care will be made to protect all users', members' and guests' property from damage or theft, but all users, members and guests are ultimately responsible for any such loss or damage within the premises.


Payment and Other Charges

Payment is required in accordance with the payment schedule agreed. All members are liable to pay all annual or monthly membership fees irrespective of actual usage of the Digital Greenhouse facilities.

The Digital Greenhouse may terminate membership by notice in writing if any part of the membership fee is due and remains unpaid 30 days after the due date for payment.

The Digital Greenhouse reserves the right to increase membership fees with one month’s notice and to introduce other charges for use of the facilities and consumables at any time.


Accepted Payment Methods

Membership fees are to be paid monthly, members can elect to pay by Direct Debit if they wish.  


Termination of Membership

Should a member wish to terminate their membership, they must provide notice in writing in accordance with the minimum notice period as specified in Terms of Use document, clause 17. 

For Hot Desk, Allocated Desk and Corporate members, notice of intent to terminate membership must be provided one month in advance.



In the event of a member terminating their membership, the Digital Greenhouse shall waive any further payments due following the agreed termination date.

No pro rata refund pertaining to the period until the next scheduled payment date shall be provided. 

Any advance payments for periods over one month in advance or deposits will be refunded in full or part thereof after deducting any sums that may be owed including in respect to any damage caused by you or your guests.

If you wish to terminate your membership, please send an email requesting this to

Access and Security

Opening Hours

Normal hours of operation are 09:00 – 17:00 Monday to Friday. During these hours, a member of the Digital Greenhouse team will be present. Such hours of operation may be lengthened or shortened at the absolute discretion of the Digital Greenhouse with or without any prior notice being given to members, although the Digital Greenhouse shall endeavour to give members reasonable notice of any change to these hours.

Certain membership grants the member out-of-hours access to the premises beyond these normal hours of operation when a member of the Digital Greenhouse team will not be present. 

On occasion, the Digital Greenhouse may be open for extended hours for events. Members acknowledge that those working in the event space may be asked to vacate the space for a period extending before and after the booked event time to allow for set up and clear up of the space.


Leaving the Premises

If on any given day you are the only user remaining in the Digital Greenhouse, please ensure that you secure the building as you leave by doing the following:

  1. Ensure that you are in fact the only person on the premises by checking the toilets, meeting rooms and break out areas.

  2. Switch off the lights using the panels on the walls

  3. Ensure that all doors, especially fire doors and the main entrance, are fully closed and locked behind you.


Out-of-Hours Access

Access cards are issued to all members whose membership entitles them to out-of-hours access. Access cards may only be used by the registered member and any fraudulent use of the card by the member could result in cancellation of the membership with no refund offered by the Digital Greenhouse.

The issuance of access cards are subject to showing two forms of identification, one containing the same address as given for billing.

Access cards remain the property of the Digital Greenhouse and must be returned upon termination of membership by either party.


Loss of Access Card

If an access card is broken, lost or stolen, members must inform the Digital Greenhouse as soon as possible so the card can be deactivated and a replacement card can be issued.

Lost or broken access cards may be subject to a replacement charge being made by the Digital Greenhouse.

Internet Connectivity

WiFi Network Details

The Digital Greenhouse offers users a dedicated IP feed into the premises. Our synchronized solution provided by Sure allows download and upload speeds up to 100MB. This is capped at 40MB for all members and with permission can be extended to 100MB.

The WiFi network name and password can be found displayed in the premises or by asking a member of the Digital Greenhouse team. Please note that usage will be monitored for security purposes and ensuring fair and acceptable use. All users of the Digital Greenhouse are required to accept these terms when connecting to the WiFi.

Sure is the internet and fixed broadband connectivity partner for the Digital Greenhouse’s premises and can also provide fixed internet and telephone to licensed desk members. More details can be found out by contacting a member of staff or Sure directly on 01481 700700.

Acceptable Use

The primary intended use of the Digital Greenhouse WiFi connectivity is for business related activity and, whenever possible, this should be its sole function. The Digital Greenhouse insists you abide by the following rules when using the WiFi or any computer equipment supplied by the Digital Greenhouse.

Users Must Not:

  1. Create, record, copy, knowingly receive, send, display or store:

    1. Material that is unlicensed or breaches any intellectual property right or copyright.

    2. Information or material that may be deemed objectionable in the circumstances.

    3. Illegal, sexually explicit, obscene, racially insulting, derogatory or other inappropriate information or material.

  2. Alter or add to IT equipment in any way, including installing software, without obtaining advance permission from the Digital Greenhouse.

  3. Access data, systems and/or files for which they are not authorised or are not the intended recipient.

  4. Deliberately overload or otherwise deny access to any computer, device network or service.

  5. Circumvent or probe any security measures put in place.

  6. Deliberately corrupt, destroy or interfere with data or information, including propagating any malicious software.

  7. Violate the privacy of other users including misrepresenting, obscuring, suppressing or replacing another user’s identity.

  8. Connect any unapproved device or system to the Digital Greenhouse WiFi or network.


Fair Use

Whilst we offer internet connectivity for all users of the Digital Greenhouse, we request that users keep in mind others and do not use large amounts of bandwidth for extended periods of time. If heavy usage is found to be causing issues for others, the user in question will be asked to cease their usage of the Digital Greenhouse connectivity.


Additional Services

Sure are the internet and fixed broadband connectivity partner for the Digital Greenhouse premises and can also provide fixed internet and telephone to Allocated Desk members.


For more information about Sure’s services, please contact a Digital Greenhouse team member or contact Sure directly on 01481 700700 (

Booking Facilities

The meeting rooms, training room and event space are available to be booked by Digital Greenhouse members subject to theTerms of Membership and Fair Use policy.


Bookings for The Shed, The Vinery & The Nursery

The smaller meeting rooms (The Vinery and The Nursery) may be booked for use at any time during operating hours, operating on a ‘first come first served’ basis. Please note our fair use policy outlined below.

However, in the event of conflicting demands, the Digital Greenhouse reserves the right to relocate meetings to alternative areas to ensure the most efficient use of space in the premises, subject to facility requirements being met.

These rooms may be booked by contacting a Digital Greenhouse team member or through using the self-service booking system. 

Any meeting scheduled for over 2 hours requires the advance agreement from the Digital Greenhouse.

If at any time the meeting facilities are not booked for use, members may use the facilities on an ad hoc basis, but must vacate in advance of such time that the facility has been booked.


Booking the Shed or 3rd Floor

The Digital Greenhouse welcomes event bookings from any members hosting an event in the digital, creative, technology or innovation sectors*.

The Shed is the primary event space and can fit up to 35 people seated in a theatre style setup, it can also be setup in a board room or workshop layout.

Capacity in the Co-Working is 60 seated, the space cannot be booked during core business hours without permission from a Digital Greenhouse team member.

Any requests to book the 3rd Floor should be made at least 10 days in advance of the proposed date to allow adequate notice to be given to members hot-desking in the area. This also allows opportunity for the Digital Greenhouse to assist in promoting your event through our networks and social media.

To book one of the spaces, please contact a member of the Digital Greenhouse or use the self-service booking system.


Fees - The Shed and Co-Working Space

Fees for use of The Shed or Co-Working space will be confirmed upon request and will vary by membership/non-membership rate.

Total charges shall be invoiced after the event and must be paid within 30 days of the invoice date.



Bookings for The Vinery and The Nursery can be cancelled at any time by contacting a member of the Digital Greenhouse team or using the self-service booking system. 

Bookings for The Shed and Event Space can be cancelled at any time although as much advance notice as possible is requested. In the event of a cancellation, liable costs will be based on the following formula:

  • If cancellation is made more than 24 hours in advance of the booking, no charge will accrue.

  • If cancellation is made less than 24 hours in advance of the booking, the full agreed amount will be charged.


Catering and Room Configuration

The Digital Greenhouse is not a serviced venue, therefore the event organiser and host must notify and agree their plans with the Digital Greenhouse team in advance and organise any catering required directly themselves.

Any requirements for room configuration should be agreed with the Digital Greenhouse in advance to the event.

Alcohol may be served with prior consent from the Digital Greenhouse management team.

*The decision to accept a booking is at the sole discretion of the Digital Greenhouse but the Digital Greenhouse encourages any events which relate to the business activity of those members of the Digital Greenhouse, and any events concerning the promotion or enhancement or innovation of the digital, creative and technology sectors.

External Visitors

Guests of Members

During normal office hours, the Digital Greenhouse allows members to bring guests into the premises, limited to two per member at any time, unless pre-agreed or as part of an event or meeting. All guests must be signed in with the Digital Greenhouse team at reception. 

Guests are the responsibility of the member hosting them, including the greeting of guests when they arrive at the premises, ensuring awareness of fire and safety procedures and in ensuring suitable behaviour and compliance with the Code of Conduct.

Members' guests found breaking the Code of Conduct or causing damage or behaving in an unsuitable manner will be asked to leave and could cause the termination of the member’s membership.


Courses, Training and Events

Courses, training or events being held in the Digital Greenhouse may include attendees who are not members. In this case, a list of attendees must be provided to the Digital Greenhouse team in the interests of fire safety.



The Digital Greenhouse welcomes people of all ages to use our facilities and attend events hosted at the premises. Any users and guests under the age of 18 are required to be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times, unless registered student members. The Digital Greenhouse takes no responsibility for users under 18 on the premises at any time.

The Digital Greenhouse follows the policies as defined by the Guernsey Youth Commission when working with young people and vulnerable adults. If training sessions for under-18s are provided on the premises by third-party providers, it is the responsibility of the provider to ensure they also follow these policies and can demonstrate proof that they have the relevant certification for working alone with children. The Digital Greenhouse takes no responsibility for ensuring these measures have been undertaken.

Independent advice from the Guernsey Vetting Bureau (GVB) has been applied in drafting this policy. If external training providers or the parents/guardians of under-16s would like more information about the requirements, please contact the GVB directly on 01481 741422 or at

Fair Use Policy

Use of the Premises

Different categories of membership entitle the member to varying levels of access to Digital Greenhouse facilities.

Members must abide by the specifications of their membership and not abuse membership through overuse of facilities, including but not limited to desk space, meeting rooms, event space and break-out areas.

Other services and facilities not included in a member’s category of membership may be provided at an additional charge at the discretion of the Digital Greenhouse.

In the spirit of fairness, Allocated Desk members must be seen to be regularly using their desk. If an Allocated Desk member neglects to utilise their desk for extended periods, their level of membership may be adjusted following discussion with the member. This is to ensure that maximum use is made of the Digital Greenhouse space as there may be others waiting to take up one of the limited number of Allocated Desk memberships.


Internet Use

While the Digital Greenhouse provides internet connectivity for all users, we request that users keep in mind others and do not use large amounts of bandwidth for extended periods of time. If heavy usage is found to be causing issues for others, the user in question will be asked to cease their usage of the Digital Greenhouse connectivity. Details of acceptable use are stated in Section 5: Internet Connectivity.


Other Facilities

The Digital Greenhouse requests that members exercise fairness in their use of any and all facilities provided.

Please note that the Digital Greenhouse operates an honesty system for  guests using the coffee machine and tea facilities. Use of the coffee machine and facilities is included in Hot Desk, Allocated Desk and Corporate membership packages, but we request that members use this facility with fairness in mind.


Membership Bookings & Fair Use

The Digital Greenhouse operates a fair use policy for the booking of meeting rooms by members with the following monthly guidelines:


  • Hot Desk/Corporate membership provides up to 8 hours of small meeting room usage for free, additional bookings can be made at a cost.

  • A maximum of 2 hours in a single booking, without consultation.

  • No recurring bookings without consultation

  • No full day bookings without consultation

  • Charged events should be held within The Shed, and third floor Co-Working Space.

  • Meeting rooms may only be used for charged events with prior agreement


Corporate Membership Hot-Desking

Corporate members are entitled to have up to five team members hot-desking at anyone time without prior arrangement.

Personal Belongings and Responsibilities

Personal Belongings

Members must refrain from bringing any items into the Digital Greenhouse other than those permitted below:

  • Digital equipment i.e. mobile phones, laptops, tablets, computing accessories

  • Any items that you would usually have on your person in an office

  • Stationery

If you are unsure about any item please contact a member of the Digital Greenhouse team.



No non assistant animals are permitted on the Digital Greenhouse premises. If an individual attempts to bring in any animals they will be asked to leave the premises immediately.


Lockers and Desk Cupboards

The Digital Greenhouse offers lockers to its members, subject to terms of membership and availability. To reserve a locker please contact a member of the Digital Greenhouse team.

In order to maintain cleanliness and safety for all users, we request that members:

  • Do not keep food or perishable items in the lockers for long periods of time

  • Do not keep any items restricted by the Digital Greenhouse in the lockers

  • Do not keep any illegal items in the lockers


Members use the lockers and cupboards entirely at their own risk. The Digital Greenhouse accepts no responsibility for ensuring the safety and security of items stored in these or on the premises.


Your insurance

We recommend that you take out and maintain adequate insurance in respect of your use of the Digital Greenhouse for:

(a)            Public liability

(b)            Your property and personnel effects 

and any other insurance you consider appropriate in each case having regard to our disclaimer and limitations and exclusions of liability set out in our terms and conditions.


Noise Levels

The use of any items which cause high volumes of noise is prohibited. This includes personal speakers or headphones, which we request are used with the consideration of other users in mind.

Users making an unacceptable level of noise by any means will be asked to reduce the volume. If they do not comply then they may be asked to leave.


Rubbish and Cleaning

To enable the contracted cleaners to carry out their services efficiently, we request that all users and members keep the premises tidy and free of litter. Rubbish and recycling bins are provided on each floor for this purpose.

Please alert a Digital Greenhouse team member of any spillages so that they may be cleared immediately.

Branding Guidelines

Membership Badge

Members of the Digital Greenhouse are encouraged to use the Digital Greenhouse membership badge on their digital or printed materials, which shows that you are part of the Digital Greenhouse community. If you cease your membership of the Digital Greenhouse you will be required to remove the badge in all instances.

To get a version of the badge to use on your digital or printed materials, please contact a member of the Digital Greenhouse team.


Digital Greenhouse Logo

While we encourage our members to use the membership badge on their digital or printed materials, we do not allow users or members to use the Digital Greenhouse logo without our prior consent.

If you wish to use the Digital Greenhouse logo, please contact a member of the Digital Greenhouse team.


Entrance Logo

Allocated Desk and Corporate Member's have the option to have their logo displayed on the boards in the Digital Greenhouse Entrance, for more information please contact a member of the Digital Greenhouse team.

Fire Safety

The fire alarm signal is the repeated ringing of the alarm bells

The location of fire alarm call points, fire extinguishers, fire exits and wheelchair refuge zones are shown on the maps situated at the entrance to each floor.


If you discover a fire:

  1. Raise the alarm by operating the nearest fire alarm call point

  2. Attack the fire, if possible, with the appliances provided but without taking any personal risks

  3. Ensure you have a clear escape route at all times


On hearing the alarm:

  1. Close any doors and windows in your immediate vicinity

  2. Leave the premises immediately and proceed to the assembly point, which is situated in Market Square in front of the HMV shop

  3. If you exit via the fire exits at the rear of the building, then proceed along the path running behind the back of the buildings that leads to Clifton Steps, go down the steps, and proceed to the assembly point

  4. A fire marshal will take charge of the evacuation, ensuring nobody is left inside


  • DO NOT stop to collect personal belongings

  • DO NOT shout or run as this may cause panic

  • DO NOT re-enter the building until you are told by a fire marshal that it is safe to do so

First Aid

First Aid Equipment

The locations of the first aid boxes can be found in the Shed, Kitchen and Co Working Space and are detailed on the fire safety map situated in the entrance to each floor.

The Digital Greenhouse team are all qualified first aiders.

The nearest public access defibrillator is located in a phone box in Church Square.


Medical Conditions

If you suffer from any medical condition that could cause a medical emergency situation, then you may wish to inform a team member. As example, if you carry an EpiPen, please make a team member aware of its location in the event of a medical emergency.


What to Do in an Emergency

If there is an accident you should alert a Digital Greenhouse staff member and call the emergency services by dialling 999.


Accident book

All accidents and near misses are to be reported and recorded by a member of the Digital Greenhouse Team. The Team member will then take further action if needed.

Data Policy

Personal Details

When registering or applying for membership, all users must submit information concerning their interest in and/or use of the Digital Greenhouse. Unless otherwise stated, this information is for internal use only and will not be used by any other organisation or for any other purpose than originally stated.

Users are required to promptly advise the Digital Greenhouse if any data is updated or if you identify any errors. All data is handled in accordance with the Data Protection (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 2017.


Information Sharing

Members who are given access cards to the Digital Greenhouse will have their name and contact details given to the fire service and landlord for security purposes, as stipulated in clause of the Lease Agreement between States of Guernsey and the Landlord dated 29th October 2015.


Sensitive Data

As part of the membership application you may be asked for sensitive data, including in the form of bank details if you wish to pay via direct debit.

This information will be held privately and securely on the Digital Greenhouse internal database and will be used solely for the purpose of membership application and management. Any bank details will not be held by the Digital Greenhouse will be held securely by the States of Guernsey for the purpose of membership charging.

The payments made through the States of Guernsey website will be handled through th payment portal provided by CAPITA. The Digital Greenhouse will not have access to your payment details and takes no responsibility for how CAPITA uses your information. Capita Software Services' online payment solutions are independently assessed and the company is certified by Visa Europe as a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Level 1 payment processor - further information on this standard can be found at


3rd Parties

The Digital Greenhouse uses several 3rd party services listed below, these are opt in and not required.



This is used for the bookings of the space allowing members to check availability, manage and book the different rooms. Names and email addresses are kept within the Skedda System. The Skedda data policy can be found here. Skedda Policy



For members using the space, the Digital Greenhouse has a whatsapp group allowing those in the group to get updates on information within the space and social events. This is an opt in service, your phone number will be used and viewable to others within the group. The Whatsapp data policy can be found here


Unsubscribing or Terminating Membership

If you wish to unsubscribe from the Digital Greenhouse mailing list or terminate your membership, please send an email requesting this to On receipt, your details will be removed from our email list and you will not be sent any further emails from the Digital Greenhouse or our innovation partners.

If a member decides to end their membership of the Digital Greenhouse, their personal details will remain on our internal database for the sole purpose of reinstating membership should this be requested in the future. Please note that the membership and email lists are not linked and users must request removal from each separately.

Code of Conduct

The Digital Greenhouse is designed to be enjoyed and to provide a compelling environment for individuals and businesses to succeed. All users are expected to demonstrate common courtesy in dealing with other users, members and staff. To ensure continued enjoyment, all users of the Digital Greenhouse are required to adhere to all the policies and conditions set out in the User Handbook and the Terms and Conditions document.


Unacceptable Behaviour

If any users, including guests and event attendees, break the following rules they may be asked to leave the premises:


  1. Users must not do anything on the premises that may be deemed offensive to any other users, members or staff of the Digital Greenhouse

  2. Users must not perform activities at a noise level that could cause discomfort to others

  3. Users must not obstruct others from using the premises, including leaving any goods for long periods of time in the shared areas

  4. Users must not endanger any users, members or staff of the Digital Greenhouse

  5. Any user who defames, harasses, stalks or in any way abuses other users, members or staff of the Digital Greenhouse will be asked to leave and may be subject to further investigation

  6. Users are required to keep the area tidy and clean

  7. The premises and any equipment is not to be used for any unlawful or prohibited activities.

  8. The use of material that infringes any intellectual property of others is not permitted

  9. Any users, members or guests in a visibly drunken state will be asked to leave


Expulsion and Termination of Membership

Should users be found to break any of the rules in our Code of Conduct, fair use policy or Terms and Conditions, the Digital Greenhouse may expel users or terminate their membership without notice and with immediate effect.

A Member whose membership is terminated by the Digital Greenhouse shall immediately forfeit all privileges of membership, without entitlement to claim for any refund of their annual or monthly membership fee. On termination of their membership, the member shall immediately return any items belonging to the Digital Greenhouse, including, but not limited, to their access card.


A complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction about any aspect of the Digital Greenhouse. Complaints may come from any person or organisation with a legitimate interest in the Digital Greenhouse and may be received verbally, by phone, by email or in writing.


Complaints Policy

Digital Greenhouse views complaints as an opportunity to learn and improve for the future, as well as a chance to put things right for the person or organisation that has made the complaint. Our policy is to:


  • Provide a fair complaints procedure that is clear and easy to use for anyone wishing to make a complaint

  • Make sure everyone at Digital Greenhouse knows what to do if a complaint is received

  • Make sure all complaints are investigated fairly and in a timely way

  • Make sure that complaints are, wherever possible, resolved and that relationships are repaired

  • Gather information which helps us to improve what we do


All complaint information will be handled sensitively, telling only those who need to know and following all relevant data protection requirements. Overall responsibility for this policy and its implementation lies with the Digital Greenhouse management team.


Complaints Procedure

Written complaints may be sent to Digital Greenhouse, Rectory House, 2 Market Street, St Peter Port, GY1 1HB; or by e-mail to

Verbal complaints may be made by phone or in person to any of the Digital Greenhouse team at our premises or at any of our activities.

All complaints received shall be logged. If the complaint has not already been resolved, an appropriate team member will be delegated to investigate and take appropriate action. If the complaint relates to a specific person, the person will be informed and given a fair opportunity to respond.

Complaints will be acknowledged by the person handling the complaint within a week. The acknowledgment will detail who is dealing with the complaint and when the complainant can expect a reply. Their response will describe the action taken to investigate the complaint, the conclusions from the investigation, and any action taken in response. Should the complaint not be resolved at this point, further investigation will be undertaken by the Digital Greenhouse Team to seek an acceptable solution.