Future Rewired 2022

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Digital Greenhouse

Future Rewired is back for 2022, after a successful third year in 2021. The Technology Festival will run from 9 am - 5:30 pm at the Digital Greenhouse. With talks, workshops and showcases throughout the day.

The festival will bring together Guernsey's tech sector, where the audience will go under the hood with the technical deep drives, gain key tools in innovation workshops and meet like-minded people.

The day will conclude with an innovation challenge run by the Digital Greenhouse Team with a range of prizes.

Tickets are for the whole day, come along and meet like-minded individuals in the Digital sector!

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Line up

Dave Wratten

Resolution IT

Azure B2C - Secure Public Access to your Applications

Presented by Dave Wratten


Dave will talk us through Azure AD B2C (Business to Consumer) which is a service that allows you to manage accounts for external users and easily give them access to your applications without having to store the data yourself. This talk will cover the technical details of the service along with pointers for security and usability. We will then show you how to integrate this with an application to allow users to sign up to a site and how to manage the users from within your code.

About Dave Wratten

"Dave is a Senior Solutions Developer at Resolution IT, where he specialises in developing solutions using .NET and Azure. He is also an accredited Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer, Azure DevOps Engineer Expert and Azure Developer."

Jenny De La Mare

Digital Greenhouse

What's your cover story?

Presented by Jenny De La Mare


So you've created a new product/service, now you have to launch it. Introducing the Cover Story Canvas - a communication tool to help you work out how to talk about your project. Join Jenny for this interactive workshop to create your cover story.

About Jenny De La Mare

"Jenny is responsible for planning and delivery of a number of programmes at the Digital Greenhouse, including startup business support, business bootcamps and mentoring.  She enjoys running workshops and hackathons with a variety of stakeholders to help them develop business development skills."

Adrian Massey

Sentient Software

Container Orchestration Overview

Presented by Adrian Massey


In this deep dive technical talk, Adrian will walk through a what-why-how of containerised code and orchestration tools. Adrian will walk attendees through a demo of building /running a container with docker, mapping drives and passing in environment variables. And a demo of a Kubernetes deployment/service/ingress configuration. If there's time, he will also create a helm chart from the Kubernetes config for passing in variables.

About Adrian Massey

"I’m a software architect and developer with a professional goal to build high-quality maintainable products and solutions. I've been coding for over 20 years on a wide range of tech skills, from beautiful and functional websites to corporate applications and back-end services."

Matt Thornton

Cortex Technologies Limited

Mistakes are proof you're trying: lessons learnt from 4 years in business

Presented by Matt Thornton


In this innovation talk, join Matt for a retrospective of 4 years as a tech startup in Guernsey, where he'll review all the things they got wrong (and maybe one or two that they got right.)

About Matt Thornton

"Matt's biggest (and most irritating) asset is his attention to detail. Whether it's spotting bugs in code or spotting grammatical errors in other people's work, Matt will find it and tell you about it. Usually with an obnoxious smirk on his face.

After a long spell at University honing his analytical skills, and gaining a PhD in remote sensing and computer science, Matt has spent the last 15 or so years applying them in Guernsey."

Sarah Hollingsworth & Louis Pike


Building personas for user-centric innovation

Presented by Sarah Hollingsworth & Louis Pike 


"People ignore design that ignores people.” - Frank Chimero
In this session, we focus on user experience and making sure that people are at the heart of your innovation. Sarah and Louis will guide you through a persona building workshop where you’ll have the opportunity to develop user personas to confirm that you’re thinking from their perspective.

About Sarah Hollingsworth

Sarah leads the People & Organisation team at PwC, focussing on helping clients with future-proofing their workforce. This includes working on client projects such as full scale digital upskilling programmes, culture reviews and consulting on hybrid/innovative working approaches.

About Louis Pike 
Louis is part of the Asset Wealth Management team at PwC, using digital assets to be able to provide unique services, bespoke systems and solutions for clients. Louis also has experience running a small start-up leveraging the Digital Greenhouse network and mentors, so he has first-hand experience of the associated challenges.

Jack Fletcher

Renew Guernsey

Zero Energy Buildings

Presented by Jack Fletcher


Join us as we dive into the data behind Zero Energy Buildings, a concept about buildings that produce as much energy as they use through renewable energy and energy conservation. Jack Fletcher will be talking us through how zero energy buildings, renewable energy and data can help reverse climate change and provide energy security for our local community.

About Jack Fletcher 

"Many of the biggest challenges we face as a society and as a global community arise from how we power our lives. That’s why energy has always interested me because the energy resources we use today define our very landscape tomorrow. I believe renewable energy has the potential to totally revolutionise how we live our lives and solve some of the biggest economical, geopolitical and environmental issues of our time.

Day to day I am invited into all sorts of homes big and small to help resolve their energy issues, it’s a passion and a mission. Having been a part of the micro-renewables industry since its early days, I have seen it rapidly evolve into the viable and burgeoning sector it is today. As the energy transition gathers pace there are many huge challenges to overcome to ensure a successful transition to renewables occurs and within the limited time frame given by climate scientists.

I see digital technologies as a hugely important solution to the transition’s hurdles and integral to the everyday running of our rapidly growing business. And at the centre of it all is people, we need highly-skilled, driven, talented people to join us with the same passion to change the world. Because after all, that’s what it’s all about."

Marc Beavan

Cortex Technologies Limited

Using docker for local .net development

Presented by Marc Beavan


Docker can at first appear daunting and complicated to get started with but with a little guidance, we can use Docker to stand up the infrastructure needed for a local development environment. In this talk we will walk through the setup for a sample .net web application: - Blazor Web App - SqlServer database - Background service

About Marc Beavan

"Cortex Technologies, Founder, Geek.

Marc is living proof that delivering IT solutions should be fun. With no shortage of inappropriate jokes and a penchant for punishing people who leave their computers unattended, Marc's no holds barred approach means things get done; and they get done right. (Sometimes even the first time.) With 15+ years of experience spanning London and Guernsey, Marc never shies away from a challenge. In fact, if you need something doing, tell him it's impossible and watch him prove you wrong."

Nikita Botes

The Evolution Group

Digital Transformation in a different light

Presented by Nikita Botes


Nikita will be shedding light on Digital Transformation through the eyes of a young individual's day to day activities!

About Nikita Botes

"A junior consultant for The Evolution Group constantly seeking to bridge the gap between the business and technical aspects of software development and implementation. I have a passion for working with people and considering their best interests. I am a committed team player who has the ability to lead. I thrive in a team-based environment and I always strive for consistency and success.

I am open-minded, driven and supportive of collaboration and new ideas. I believe that I can bring forward constructive solutions to problems as well as accept and use criticism to my advantage."

Damien Guard


App Data at Scale

Presented by Damien Guard


How you design your data and structure your database has always been an essential part of developing any system. Come take a look at how cloud hosting has impacted how we design the data in order to achieve scalable high-performance low-cost systems.

About Damien Guard

"I am an experienced engineer across many types of software including web, desktop and mobile applications as well as frameworks and developer tools. I have put my skills to good use on products for Netflix, Microsoft, Ricoh, Western Digital, Xbox and GitHub.

I love well-designed systems and strive for a great user experience - software should delight those that use it."

Innovation Competition

Presented by the DGH Team

Innovation Competition

Presented by the DGH Team


In this innovation competition, attendees will face a problem statement and need to visualise a solution in a short period of time. After time has run out all the designs will be voted on and trophies will be won! 

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