Nionnet is accepted on the Websummit Alpha Programme

2022 Guernsey Venture Challenge Winner and Digital Greenhouse member Nionnet was accepted onto the Websummit Alpha Programme

The websummit startup programme – ALPHA – shines a spotlight on early-stage startups with outstanding potential, connecting them with the world's most influential people and companies at the conference. Each year over 17,000 startups apply for the programme and with a limited space for 2000 startups the competition is tough. We are pleased to announce that 2022 Guernsey Venture Challenge 1st prize winner and Digital Greenhouse member NionNet was accepted onto the programme for Websummit 2023 in November. 

In this guest article Dave Zak of Nionnet spoke about their experience on the Websummit Alpha programme and their journey leading up to being accepted. 

There are times in the life of a new business when the world moves so fast that you vibrate with the energy of it all, and that has been the experience for Nionnet over recent months. Guernsey is the catalyst; it is a hive of entrepreneurial activity, and the Digital Greenhouse acts as the central platform for initiating and nurturing success.

In fact, Digital Greenhouse events bookended our Web Summit experience. We attended the first Showcase Guernsey in London, slightly battered by storm Ciarán, and just a few days later flew out to Lisbon for the Web Summit 2023, landing back in Guernsey just in time to miss the Véyaon Awards Night.

For the Web Summit we received the amazing news that we had been accepted onto the Alpha start-up programme which came along with an invitation to meet, and dine with, the Japanese Ambassador.

Our aim at the Summit was to connect with fellow attendees and showcase our code generation capability to innovative thinkers, both new and established. There were circa 70,000 of them and that made for an exhilarating mix of ideas and passion for innovation and for the future. Based on our own expert system, we stood comfortable alongside the AI frenzy that dominates IT at this moment in time.

The ambassador hosted a pitch night and reception for JETRO (Japanese External Trade Organisation), where a small number of Japanese start-ups pitched to potential investors and invited guests. We were thrilled to have been offered an invitation. The unadorned pitches were delivered from a sweeping marble staircase by slightly tipsy entrepreneurs which made for a joyful evening of sushi networking.  

Our product, ‘Origin’, now rebranded as ‘Koadx’ puts excellence of development in alignment with our aspirations of a good life, lived well and lived gently on our home planet. We firmly position these ideals at the forefront of our business because we need to facilitate action and do it now. Challenging the status quo is daunting. It’s a comfortable and familiar space yet it also hampers progress.

‘We are challenging the status quo because phrases like ‘that’s the way we do things’ is a part of the problem and a risk we can no longer afford.’

This mindset led us to victory, at the Véyaon Awards, courtesy of the Digital Greenhouse with Blenhiem Chalcot, and sponsored by C5 Alliance, the accolade of ‘Disrupter of the Year’ and we couldn’t be prouder.

We are ready to forge potent relationships that will drive change. Imagine, for a moment, what else you could achieve if 94% of your development was completed in minutes, then contact us.


If you are inspired to start or take the next steps in your venture, applications are now open for the Digital Greenhouse's Startup Academy 2024 cohort.

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Article provided by Nionnet

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