Startup Academy 2024: Introducing Concise

Our Startup Academy launched its 2024 cohort in April with a wide range of digital ventures having applied. Now halfway through their ten-week journey, we caught up with Katie Inder of Concise to see how she was getting on. 

Below, she shares her ideal customer, her initial idea behind Concise and how she hopes to support Guernsey businesses with their data strategy needs.

The first session of the Guernsey Startup Academy started the week of the 10th of April and runs until the end of June concluding with a business presentation evening. Further Information about the Academy can be found here.

Katie Inder, Founder of Concise

As we near the halfway point on the Startup Academy we want to know, what sparked your initial business idea behind Concise?

I have always worked in the data industry and I'm extremely passionate about it. I felt there was a need for a consultancy specifically for helping businesses grow with data in Guernsey.

What customer problem are you aiming to solve?

Businesses that understand data is a key part of success but don't have any or enough in-house data expertise.

Who is your ideal customer?

Hard to say, one of the best things about this field is that data is everywhere and there's a huge variety of industries that can get value from their data and technology. I'd say my ideal customer would be a small-medium business just beginning their digital transformation journey so I can help them from end to end from data strategy to building the data products that deliver tangible value to the business.

What were you looking to gain from the Startup Academy?

I'm confident in my technical abilities but don't have any background in running a business so I was looking forward to understanding 'the business side' of things.

What has been the most beneficial part of the programme so far?

It's given me a few things to think about but the most beneficial part has been the connections to other founders.

Want to know more? Join us at the Startup Academy Presentation Evening!

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