Data Driven Design with Barclays Eagle Lab

We will consider why you want to use data, the considerations for its use and how to approach the outcomes of analysis.

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Online Event

In this short virtual workshop Barclays Eagle Lab will consider what data can do for your business, and identify a few sources to get the best out of data, covering:

• The main steps to develop a data strategy; awareness of the data available, what data can be used, what can data analysis do with the data.

• Considering inferential analysis, what data analysis can do for your decision making, looking at hypothesis testing as an example.

• Dynamic and static systems, and how you make sure the data analysis will give you results.

During this session, there will be opportunities throughout the workshop for questions. This session will be an overview of how to approach data, things you can do now to help if you decide to use it in the future and where to look for support.

This workshop will be run by Aberdeen Engineer Kevin, who has experience in building control systems for process equipment in the oil industry