Innovation Summit Guernsey

Join us to hear leaders and changemakers from across business and academia share their experiences, talk top trends and art of the possible in business, tech and innovation.

The third Innovation Summit will take place at St Pierre Park in Guernsey on 14th March 2024. The summit aims to accelerate the conversation about adapting to change, opportunities and challenges in business, in particular the focus on new technologies, changing business models and the need for new skills. Find the full schedule of speakers below. 

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Breakfast Networking

08:30 - 09:00


Opening Remarks

09:00 - 09:15

From Lucy Kirby, Director of the Digital Greenhouse


Session 1: Data as a Driver for Innovation

09:15 - 10:45

It’s easy to forget the digital revolution is really only in its infancy. The next wave of technologies based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), will arguably have an even greater impact on our daily lives. At the centre of all of these technologies is data, and in this section, the speakers and panellists will explore how data can be a driver for innovation.


Data, data everywhere but not a drop to drink, Katherine Jane, Co-Deputy Director General,  GFSC

As firms start to explore and investigate new technologies and tools to help them innovate their business they are starting to realise that whilst they hold a mass of ‘data’ it is not in a form that is useable. How do we solve this problem? How do we use our data to innovate?


Data governance: a driver for successful innovation, Brent Homan, Data Protection Commissioner - ODPA

In this session, the Bailiwick’s Data Protection Commissioner Brent Homan will bust the myth of the privacy/innovation trade-off – demonstrating that successful and enduring innovations must be based on respect for individuals’ data protection rights. Uncover the symbiotic relationship between innovation and privacy and learn from real-world examples to guide you to success.


Unleashing the Power of Data: Innovation in Digital Identity - Shelley Langan-Newton, Chief Executive Officer - SQR Group

Revealing the transformative role of secure data sharing in revolutionising authentication, personalisation, and security in Digital Identity. Shelley will explore responsible data governance and collaborative ecosystems that shape the future of online security and user experience.


Panel Discussion

Chaired by Mark Le Page, Vice Chair - GIFA 

Professor Dan Brown, Entrepreneur in Residence - University College London

Katherine Jane, Co-Deputy Director General - GFSC

Brent Homan, Data Protection Commissioner - ODPA

Shelley Langan-Newton, CEO - SQR Group

Speakers and Panelists

Mark Le Page

GIFA Vice Chair Panel Chair

Mark leads Kroll Guernsey’s Financial Services Compliance and Regulation team, where he has been involved in supporting cryptoasset, private banking and investment clients.

Prior to joining Kroll, Mark led the Guernsey regulatory team at another organization for over three years where he was a subject matter expert for blockchain, the firm’s response to the European Commission on the digital euro consultation and the construction of the firm’s machine learning tool for European financial services regulation. In this role, he provided anti-money laundering remediation support to clients as well as skilled persons reviews for the regulator.

Katherine Jane

Co-Deputy Director General

Katherine was appointed as co-Deputy Director General in December 2022 and is responsible for finance, IT, risk, and financial stability. Katherine joined the Commission in June 2016 as Chief Risk Officer from Deloitte in London where she provided prudential and risk support to a wide range of FCA regulated firms; this included working with firms following regulatory issues. Prior to this, Katherine spent 5 years at the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA and previously the Financial Services Authority) where she supervised a wide range of firms including FTSE Listed companies. Katherine has extensive experience in all aspects of prudential supervision and was key in helping the FCA to implement CRD IV for its firms. Katherine joined the FSA from a firm providing internal audit services for Building Societies and other mutual organisations. Katherine is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

Daniel Brown

Entrepreneur in Residence UCL

A serial entrepreneur, having founded his first computer software business at the age of 13, Daniel is the inventor of a range of patents, author of several books and over 30 papers and has supported the spin out and scale up of over 50 companies. Daniel is Entrepreneur in Residence at University College London, and is leading industrialisation of undergraduate, MSc, doctoral and faculty intellectual property in Artificial Intelligence.

Brent Homan

Data Protection Commissioner - ODPA

Before taking up the Data Protection Commissioner role in 2024, Brent Homan was Deputy Commissioner, Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada and responsible for enforcing Canada's federal public and private sector privacy laws. A global leader in regulatory collaboration, Brent created the Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN) Privacy Sweep and co-chairs alliances including the International Enforcement Cooperation Working Group of the Global Privacy Assembly. Brent envisions the Bailiwick of Guernsey as a model for the global data protection community with a public and private sector that embraces compliance and elevates trust and consumer confidence. 

Shelley Langan-Newton

Chief Executive Officer - SQR Group

Starting her career in education as a lecturer of Performing Arts, Shelley pivoted into the corporate world where she has experience working in the space, tech, and telecoms industries in both B2B and B2C markets - founding, launching, scaling, and managing several businesses in multiple jurisdictions. Shelley currently serves as CEO of the tech company, SQR Group Limited, and Chair of the Digital Forum for the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce. Shelley was the co-founder of the Isle of Man’s first, and only, Internet Exchange.


10:45 - 11:00


Session 2: Driving new business models & global growth

11:00 - 12:30

In this section, we delve into the strategies and frameworks that are driving success in this rapidly evolving landscape and discover how your organisation can leverage these new business models to thrive in the digital age. We'll explore the disruptive forces that are reshaping traditional industries and paving the way for new opportunities.


Building the legal foundations for successful innovation - Wayne Atkinson, Partner & Steve Moore, Associate  - Collas Crill LLP

A legal structure won't turn an idea into a start-up success, but choosing the wrong structure can guarantee failure. In this talk, we'll consider traps to avoid and areas to focus on when you're forming your start-up and looking to secure investment. We'll also touch on why Guernsey is attractive for founding a start-up and areas for potential improvement.


How to build a winning data strategy - Robert Woodhard, Consultant & David Dorrell, Associate Director - Frontier Economics

In this talk, Robert Woodhard and David Dorrell from Frontier Economics will take the audience through the process and key considerations of building a winning data strategy for your company. 


Machine Learning and AI – Readying your people to Maximise value - Paul French, Director of Data and Analytics - First Central Group

Focusing on people, this presentation will share some examples of how Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are simplifying customer experiences and transforming the way people work in Motor Insurance. Paul will share how having a proactive data culture and data literacy programme is key to helping your teams make the best use of these capabilities.

Speakers and Panelists

Steve Moore

Associate - Collas Crill LLP

Steve is building a broad practice in corporate advisory, acquisitions, collective investment schemes, payment services regulations and financial services regulation. He has a specific interest in cryptoassets and FinTech applications, particularly with the tokenisation of real-world assets, investment schemes offered to retail consumers and the use of cryptoassets in collective investment vehicles.

Steve joined Collas Crill in 2022 after completing a two-year training contract with global law firm, Taylor Wessing LLP, London. He holds a Masters in Commercial Legal Practice, a Diploma for Financial Advisors and Bachelor's Degrees in Law and in Archaeology.

Prior to his legal career, Steve served as a Commissioned Officer in the Royal Air Force, deploying to Afghanistan with NATO and the South Atlantic Islands with British forces. 

Wayne Atkinson

Partner, Collas Crill LLP

Wayne heads up Collas Crill's Guernsey Corporate, Finance & Funds team. He works with a broad range of regulated entities and local businesses on fundraising, transaction and investment structuring as well as commercial contracts and mergers and acquisitions.

As one of the leaders of Collas Crill's risk and regulatory team he also regularly advises businesses on regulatory compliance including money-laundering issues, listing rules requirements, competition law, data protection, ESG matters and Guernsey financial services regulation more generally.

David Dorrell

Associate Director - Frontier Economics

David joined Frontier in 2023 as their new Head of Data Science, bringing leadership to this important area of the business.

Prior to joining Frontier, David was Director of Data Science at the UK Competition & Markets Authority where he led the data science and engineering teams and played a central role in setting up the CMA’s Data, Technology and Analytics (DaTA) unit. David provided technical insight and advice on several high-profile digital competition and consumer protection cases.”

David has over 15 years’ experience in building and leading data science teams in both the public and private sectors. At Deloitte, David advised clients on data science strategy and delivered impactful data science projects. At the UK Ministry of Justice, David set up the first data science team in government and led several projects that delivered real-time analytics into prisons and probation services.

Robert Woodhard

Consultant - Frontier Economics

Rob works for lawyers, commercial clients and the public sector on competition, policy and strategy issues. 

He combines critical thinking with data science techniques to provide clear insights on complex problems. Rob understands each client’s issues by setting up simple frameworks based on economic theory. He is able to use a range of quantitative methods, from machine learning through to simpler descriptive analysis, to test and verify the right approach for clients to take. Recently, Rob has advised clients on a Phase 2 EC merger case, and on Skills policy for his hometown, Guernsey.

Rob has a keen interest in the spreading application of economics and data science into new areas. In particular, this includes the growing use of data and game theory to optimise team strategy in sport. He also holds degrees in economics from Cambridge and Warwick University.

Paul French

Director of Data and Analytics, First Central

Paul is an Innovative and experienced Data and Analytics leader, with a proven track record in developing and embedding a data enabled culture, improved levels of data literacy, and ensuring people and organisations thrive with data through BI and Analytics self service to deliver tangible business improvements.

He exhibits a passion and focus on transforming organisational information use; enabling a self-service data culture, transitioning from hindsight, report centric based views of information to becoming more insight driven, data enabled and data literate, driving new value opportunities and supporting efficiency.

Paul is highly skilled in helping business executives envision the art of the possible with data to help them meet their business outcomes, and has the technical and data subject matter breadth to be able to oversee the delivery of appropriate BI solutions & services to meet those needs. Has strength and track record in building organisational operating model and capability to deliver industry leading Data and Analytics teams and capabilities.

He has been externally recognised as designing and implementing industry leading approaches to enhancing levels of organisational data literacy and nurturing data enabled cultures that transform how businesses use data and ensure investments in Data deliver value, and can be seen as a frequent presenter at external events and conferences on the topics of Business Intelligence, Data Culture, Visualisation, QlikSense and ThoughtSpot.

Showcase Guernsey

11:30 - 12:30


A range of up and coming Guernsey grown and globally focused technology businesses take us through to lunch, inspiring us to see things differently and follow our passions!

Showcase Guernsey


Co-Founded by Dan and Ellen Armsden

Crewdentials is a personnel onboarding and credential management platform specialising in the maritime sector. Improving compliance and efficiencies whilst reducing regulatory and operational risks.

Millions of seafarers worldwide are integral to world trade and are highly qualified to ensure safety and security of the vessels that are workplaces, homes and trade facilitators. Current solutions and processes for onboarding seafarers and managing their credentials are manual and fragmented.

Crewdentials is digitalising the collation, verification and management of seafarer credentials through our onboarding and compliance management tools. We offer an industry-first combination of an individual crew profile and a business workspace: completely independent but seamlessly integrated.



Founded by Trevor Nicholls

EaseeDo is a software platform for fostering independence and managing anxiety. It enables individuals to navigate daily challenges more effectively, unlock their full potential, and improve their overall well-being. Inspired by personal experience, the founders created a platform that enables easy and fast creation of visual timetables and guides tailored to an individual's needs and a way for those individuals to track and communicate how they are feeling.

The visual resources are accessed with the app; they support organisation and task completion, fostering independence. With the platform, family, friends and professionals can collaborate, providing cohesive support. The app's emotion tracking feature helps manage anxiety, giving parents and carers clear insight into where support is working and where more support is needed.



Nionnet Limited

Founded by Dave Zak

Nionnet presents our expert system ‘KOADX’ for line of business code generation.

Do you have a congested development pipeline with too few developers and the need to develop faster?

This is a global problem as we are missing an estimated 40 million developers. But we have your solution. KOADX generates ~94% of your enterprise level system in a matter of minutes and immediately passes it over to you with no drawbacks and no catches.

We accelerate software development for any business producing beautiful, and accurate generated code. Saving you time and money, avoiding technical debt, and letting you focus on product differentiators. We give you containerised applications with a choice of database and document storage as well as other cloud related services. The generated systems provide a clear focus on data protection, compliance and regulatory requirements.

KOADX generated applications are scalable, offer unlimited customisation, and you can use the code however you like.


Stage Portal

Founded by Ben & Dave Wratten

Stage Portal is a subscription based platform, sitting as a central hub for live event management. With a suite of apps for Venues, Event Organisers, Artists and Production companies that connect together in one ecosystem saving days if not weeks of work for users.

The live events industry is expected to grow from £882 Billion today to £1.5Trillion in 2028 and currently backstage processes are slow, not standardised often paper based meaning that the industry is struggling to keep up with this growth.

Our mission is to give everyone in the industry, no matter what size or scale, the tools to bring to life the world's greatest events. The platform brings together key event management functions, standardised artist and venue information and crew resources, enabling the powerful automation of complex time consuming tasks.  




Founded by Tim Rawles

Troupa makes project management professionals more effective and efficient, ensuring confident delivery of successful projects for project managers, programme directors and board members alike.

It provides a complete project management toolkit through a powerful set of integrated modules including risk and issue management, action tracking, scheduling, budgets and consolidated reporting across projects.

When it comes to status reporting, Troupa will generate a complete slide deck for you - literally at the click of a button - saving hours and hours of a project manager's valuable time.

Troupa is delivered inside Microsoft Teams, providing a powerful combination of a specialised project management toolkit and all the features of generic collaboration platform.



Founded by Adrian Norman, Adam Moss and Yordi de Kleijn
The UniteVerse app is a transformative platform designed to revolutionise the way people discover and engage with nightlife and events. It's not just an app; it's a gateway to a world of experiences, tailored to each user's unique preferences and interests.
Their mission is to give users a more inclusive experience by creating a safe environment for everyone to enjoy, review and improve nightlife.


12:30 - 13:30

Session 3: Automation, Efficiency & Productivity

13:45 - 15:15

From intelligent automation to data-driven decision-making, we will be looking at the opportunities these technological advancements have for existing businesses. Explore cutting-edge technologies and strategies that are revolutionising industries, streamlining processes, and driving unprecedented levels of productivity. This section will get you thinking about the full potential of automation in your organisation. 


Copilot for Microsoft 365, Marcus Bailey, Head of Cloud - Prosperity 24/7

In this talk, Marcus Bailey, Head of Cloud for Prosperity 24/7 will be giving an overview of what Copilot for Microsoft 365 is, its capabilities and the impact it can have on productivity and efficiency in our working lives.


The Productivity Revolution, Simeon Moss, Deloitte

Simeon Moss will be presenting on the topics of automation, efficiency, and productivity. He will begin by exploring the current state of intelligent automation, then delve into the various technologies and tools available to help organisations automate their processes and improve efficiency.

The Consulting Director at Deloitte in the Channel Islands and Gibraltar will then go on to share the strategic levers that organisations can use to promote efficiency and productivity, highlighting the importance of having a clear strategy. He will share how organisations can leverage technology to achieve their goals.

In the final section of his presentation, Sim will share Deloitte Gen AI use cases and uncover how Gen AI can help organisations accelerate automation of their processes and augment human-based tasks, to further improve efficiency and to achieve business goals.

Finally, he will conclude with highlighting the cross-sector opportunities that currently exist, to support local productivity and to drive the digital economy.


Lean Six Sigma to AI - Cyrille Joffre, Chief Technology and Information Officer - Sure

Organisations use automation to drive efficiency and navigate the current challenges they face following the large hyper-scaler providers’ playbook to standardise processes and automate the use of business applications that previously only humans could run, boosting organisational productivity. Moving traditional business models into digital still remains among most businesses’ top priorities. Where the focus has so far and at large been to reduce errors ex-post, the opportunity is now to look at it ex-ante.


Panel Discussion

Chaired by Glen Tonks - Institute of Directors, Guernsey

Marcus Bailey, Head of Cloud - Prosperity 24/7

Simeon Moss, Director - Deloitte

Cyrille Joffre, Chief Technology and Information Officer - Sure

Charlotte Dunsterville, Managing Partner - UN1TY

Speakers and Panelists

Glen Tonks

Chair - IoD Guernsey Panel Chair

Glen is the Chair of the IoD Guernsey Branch. 

Glen is currently the Chief Executive Officer of global financial services firm Credit Suisse in Guernsey.

Prior to this role he was the Chief Operating Officer for Credit Suisse, and is also a director of Credit Suisse Trust Holdings Limited, Credit Suisse Group Funding (Guernsey) Limited and CS Pensions Limited.

He has more than 25 years’ global banking and financial services experience, in the Channel Islands, Asia and Australasia, with a career that has spanned across retail banking, wealth management, asset management and commercial and private banking. He has a wealth of experience in governance, strategy and people leadership, technology, cultural and digital transformation.

He is a member of the Guernsey Green Forum, a collection of businesses that collaborate and share knowledge to help Guernsey meet its 2050 net-zero pledge and safeguard the island.

Charlotte Dunsterville

Managing Partner - UN1TY

Charlotte is an executive director with over 25 years experience of leadership in customer experience, people led transformation, customer service, marketing and customer insight.

Charlotte always brings the customer perspective to the table and enjoys the often-tricky challenge of translating strategy into tangible action. She has a strong operational background coupled with extensive commercial experience and has delivered several large business transformation programmes focussed on the customer.

She has excellent people and communication skills and is passionate about supporting people to deliver a great customer experience.

Charlotte was previously Chief Consumer Officer at Sure.

Marcus Bailey

Head of Cloud | Technical Solutions

Marcus is Head of Cloud Prosperity 24/7, he is a cloud solutions architect with experiences designing and implementing infrastructure based cloud-based solutions for organisations.


His expertise lies in understanding cloud platforms, interpresting requirements and designing solutions to help organisations optimise infrastructure, ensure scalability, and enhance security. Marcus is an industry certified and experienced slotuions expert in Modern Work. Whether it's remote collaboration tools, productivity suites, or streamlined workflows, He is excited about helping organisation find modern ways of working that reinvigorate workforces. He is also passionate about empowering teams to work smarter, not harder.

Simeon Moss

Director, Deloitte LLP

Simeon is Deloitte's Crown Dependencies Consulting leader and oversees our digital services. With over 25 years of experience in consulting and advisory roles in both the public and financial services sectors, Simeon has led numerous strategic reviews, complex transformations, organisational design projects, automation initiatives, and cost efficiency programmes. He is a recognised expert in his field and has been invited to speak at a number of digital and industry events. Simeon has also been published in local press, sharing his insights on a range of digital topics.

Cyrille Joffre,

Chief Technology and Information Officer - Sure

Cyrille Joffre is Chief Technology and Information Officer for Sure Group. He is responsible for all infrastructure across network, IT, security and operations. Previously, he was Chief Network & Technology Officer at Cable and Wireless Communications overseeing large projects and controlling network capital expenditure and operations for the Monaco & Islands (M&I) region. Prior, he was serving as the Director of Global Solution Programs at Alcatel-Lucent (ALU), where he built a team to implementing the company new Applications Enablement vision. Prior, he worked on the ALU and NEC strategic partnership across all markets and products. He introduced in 2007 the first IP mobile base station for Softbank Japan. Prior to that, he served at Nortel in different managerial and customer facing roles. He has a large exposure to international and cultural challenges, stationed France, Hong Kong, Monaco, Netherlands, Singapore and Tokyo. He has a master’s degree in Electronics Engineering (France, 1999) and completed the senior executive programme (London Business School, 2015).


15:15 - 15:30


Session 4: AI and the Future of Work

15:30 - 17:00


We have already seen how fast AI tools have developed across 2023 and the effect it has had on current roles. As we look forward to 2024 and beyond, the speakers and panellists will explore how AI is being currently used in the workplace and what this will mean for the future of work. 


The Need For A Transformation Mindset, Callum McCutcheon, Senior Manager - PwC

The impact of technology and AI has driven wide-scale business change over the last decade. But with the advent of Generative AI and even more sophisticated machine learning tools, the likelihood of even greater disruption and the need to transform will be amplified and accelerated to a level we have never seen in the history of humankind. On the one hand, the potential for enhanced productivity and efficiency gains from these technologies is unprecedented. On the flip side, what do these technologies mean for workers, human jobs and the future of work? And most importantly what skills, knowledge and development will we need as employees and business leaders in the Channel Islands in order to be successful and thrive in this new world?


AI And The Future Of Work - Jasper Joyce, Head of L&D - Blenheim Chalcot

Jasper will discuss the role AI plays in the future of work, drawing on experience from across the Blenheim Chalcot portfolio. From upskilling internally through the portfolio’s L&D ‘Red Team’ to sharing their findings externally through the Centre for GenAI Innovation, Jasper will share key learnings and reflections on the role AI plays in the future of work.


Ava - An AI/GPT Based Digital HR Assistant - John Gamble, Director, Professional Services - C5 Alliance

John will introduce you to Ava, their Digital HR Assistant. Based on Azure OpenAI Services Ava is an example use case of how you can use "ChatGPT" technologies completely securely and privately within your own technology ecosystem, sharing whatever data you like to take advantage of GPT/LLM capabilities on your own data sets. Ava has been shortlisted for the Digital Jersey 2024 Innovation Tech Awards.


Panel Discussion

Chaired by Deputy Sasha Kazantseva-Miller - Committee for Economic Development

Geraldine Evans, Chief Operating Officer - Prosperity 24/7

Callum McCutcheon, Senior Manager - PwC

Jasper Joyce, Head of Learning and Development - Blenheim Chalcot

John Gamble, Director, Professional Services - C5 Alliance

Speakers and Panelists

Sasha Kazantseva-Miller

Member of the Committee for Economic Development Panel Chair

Sasha is a Deputy of the States of Guernsey elected in 2020 and is a member of the Committee for Economic Development and the Development and Planning Authority.  She leads on Digital, Skills and Entrepreneurship policy development.


Sasha's career started in FMCG marketing and quickly moved into technology working for Google and Agoda. She has been actively involved with all aspects of the startup cycle as an investor, co-founder, advisor as well as working with infrastructure businesses and funds as a Non-Executive Director. She became interested in public office through her efforts to promote sustainable development and innovation. She holds an MBA from INSEAD and has lived and worked in Singapore, Bangkok, London,  Spain, Moscow, Madrid, Guernsey and Ulaan Bataar.

Callum McCutcheon

Senior Manager - PwC

Callum lead's PwC's Data Assurance team in the Channel Islands. He's spent the last 10 years working with clients across the financial services sector, helping them to think differently about technology, make the best use of their data, and create lasting change within their organisations with a human-led approach.

Jasper Joyce

Head of L&D - Blenheim Chalcot

Jasper Joyce leads Red Team at Blenheim Chalcot, as well as L&D for the portfolio, the South Africa office, and the Centre for GenAI Innovation. Previously, Jasper was the CEO of Avado, a people-powered transformation partner creating tangible and measurable impact for people and organisations. Prior to joining Blenheim Chalcot, Jasper has worked across both start-ups and consulting firms, and holds a BA in geography from Cambridge University.

John Gamble

Director, Professional Services - C5 Alliance

John is a Director of C5 Alliance and is an experienced Data Strategist, Analyst and Data / BI Systems Architect. John has over 20 years experience in IT and a natural enthusiasm for data, analytics and information systems.

John joined C5 in 2016 following the acquisition of Altius CI, a specialist Business Intelligence consultancy in the Channel Islands which John helped found in 2008 and was Practice Lead. John has a proven track record in designing data strategies, managing teams, providing technical leadership, building and maintaining excellent client relationships, and in designing and implementing successful systems. Sector experience in Financial Services, Wealth Management, Utilities and Retail.

In the first half of each year, John donates what little spare time his children allow him to organising the Jersey Football Marathon for TackleAfrica – an HIV/AIDS awareness charity that operates in West & Sub-Saharan Africa. To date the tournament has raised over £150k for the work of the charity.

Closing Remarks

17:00 - 17:10

From Lucy Kirby, Director of the Digital Greenhouse

Post Event Drinks and Networking

17:15 - 19:30


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