The Fun and Interactive Digital Courses for C-Section Birth and Recovery

Digital Greenhouse Member News: Midwife Victoria Holyoak and her trusty team launch c-sectionuk.

Are you expecting a c-section birth? Do you want to feel empowered and informed about the process? Look no further than c-sectionuk, the midwife-led digital platform designed to make your c-section experience the best it can be!

c-sectionuk is not your average birth course. It’s an interactive, easy-to-follow program that covers everything you need to know about c-sections - from prep to recovery. You’ll learn how to prepare for surgery, what to expect during the procedure, and how to manage your recovery. Our team of midwives, led by Midwife Vic, have joined forces with physiotherapists to create a comprehensive course that includes hypnobirthing, c-section scar massage, birth plans, relaxation audios, and packing lists specifically for a c-section birth.

What sets c-sectionuk apart from other courses is our focus on community. We understand that going through a c-section can be an isolating experience, which is why we’ve created a supportive and welcoming platform for all our c-section parents. You’ll have access to a private online forum where you can connect with other parents-to-be, share your experiences, and get advice from our team of expert midwives.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for c-sectionuk today and get ready to have the best c-section birth possible!

About c-sectionuk:

Founded by Midwife Vic, c-sectionuk is a digital course designed to help parents-to-be prepare for a c-section birth. Our mission is to empower and inform parents, while also creating a supportive community where they can connect with others going through the same experience. For more information, visit

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