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The Digital Innovators Programme Returns for 2024

University College London will immerse Guernsey students in the world of AI and future tech through the Digital Greenhouse’s Digital Innovator Programme, sponsored by First Central.

Now in its sixth year, Guernsey’s post-16 students are invited to build and showcase key digital and problem-solving skills, with places now open to apply. So far, 825 students have been involved with the programme, solving problem statements using technology-based solutions.

This year the programme has a new format. Digital Greenhouse has partnered with University College London (UCL) to include a 6-week virtual course on Artificial Intelligence, alongside hosting in-person events with the students. This new partnership will give Guernsey students the chance to hear from professionals in the digital industry and work directly with one of the UK’s leading Computer Science departments.

The AI programme starts at 4.15 pm on 25th January, at the Digital Greenhouse and signup is now live through their website. Places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Prof Philip Treleaven, University College London Professor of Computer Science, said: “UCL Computer Science, the leading European AI Research Centre is excited to work with Guernsey Schools to help pioneer AI Education. If Guernsey students are highly skilled in AI and Programming their future is assured. It will also underpin Guernsey’s future prosperity.”

The initiative continues throughout the academic year, with online sessions taking place throughout January and February with UCL, an evening Student Summit in March with talks from First Central and UCL, and will cumulate in a full-day Hackathon in July, where students will be matched with mentors to work through applying new technologies to solve real world problems.

Daniele Hardford-Fox, Principle of The Ladies’ College said: “I’m so excited by the work of the Digital Innovators Programme. The potential of both our island and young people is significant, but we need to invest in their skills, build their understanding of cutting-edge technology and create the space and the culture that allows innovation.”

First Central Chief Information Officer John Davison said: “We’re excited to be sponsoring the Digital Innovator Programme for another year, and reveal the new format of the programme. By introducing new events, we’re looking to enhance the students’ learning, and working with Digital Greenhouse again on a great student programme.

“As ever, the aim of the programme is to help lessen the digital skills gap, and supply students with the skills needed for a career in the technology sector. I’m looking forward to seeing what the students come up with at the Hackathon!”

Students have until Sunday 21st January to sign up for a place!

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